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Larrosa, new flower of IZADI

February 14, 2014
Izadi Larrosa YEEE

Bodegas Izadi stepped into the world of rosé wine with Larrosa in hand, a unique wine that use 100% Granacha grown on the old vines at 790 meters above the sea level. The vineyard may be the highest one in D.O.Ca Rioja.

From this first vintage, we only produce a limited edition of 18,901 bottles and we select a special day, San Valentin, the day that to the roses sell the best of all the year, release Larrosa on the market to match the romantic and feminine concept of Larrosa.

Izadi Larrosa is handpicked in the small case of 15 kg. By taking advantage of the gravity of the grape, we use a slow winemaking process of “bleeding” to issue the first run Granacha’s rosé. Only this rosé is labelled as Larrosa so that we impress the consumers with its flower notes, its freshness and elegance.

The new rosé wine of IZADI presents a pale salmon color, with the reminiscence of flower and fresh fruit aromas. In the mouth it’s very sweet but fine. The finish is quite long and very elegant

Izadi Larrosa is incorporated into the IZADI family as the youngest and fresh wines in the catalogue, with its attractive and elegant label, suitable for spring fresh tapas, pastas and rice.    

PVP: 5,95 €

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