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Finca Villacreces, by bicycle

September 15, 2013
Finca Villacreces, by bicycle YEEE

The winery, which is located beside river, offers the possibility to visitors to enjoy the beautiful scene of its 110 hectares of vineyards and forest along the River Duero by electronic bicycle。

Finca Villacreces (D.O. Ribera del Duero) just published its new brand-new eno-tourism project in which the visitors can know every single plot and the surrounding natural environment with the help of an electronic bicycle.

A more funny, healthy and ecological way to go through Finca Villacreces is proposed to all the visitors. Protected by a pile of 100-year-old pines and the Duero Rive, every single of the vineyards are there waiting for all the eno-tourist to discover while pedaling

A small electronic motor is incorporated in the bicycles in order that everybody, regardless of his state of fitness, can have a stroll between its quotidian vines in the heart of Golden Mile of Ribera Del Duero

The stroll among the vineyards by bicycle is an option free of charge for those who want to visit the whole Finca Villacreces. The entire route visit lasts about 30 minutes, including different accessible way and the protection of the shadow offered by the forest.

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